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The Old Stithian Trust

Old Stithian Trust Donors

C A Nolte C R Warriner
C Smith M Ralston
N Evans T H MacLachlan
L A Hillidge Hawinkels Family
D M Smith G L Christiane
P K Hough S S Edmeston
M Greenfield C J Brammer
N S Smuts R J Forsdyke
J E Seeliger W E McLaughlin
R N Fahrenheim R C Montgomery
M F De Zeeuw L C Meyer
D J Glover C G Lewis
E Schmid G L Lucas-Bull
T Haiden N B Young
J A C Dale M T Ralston
B Viljoen T G Thackwray


THE OLD STITHIAN TRUST was founded in June 2012 as part of the OSA’s continued drive to become more involved with the sustainability of the school and the ongoing participation of Alumni in St Stithians College.  The Trust is formally registered at the Master of the High Court (Master IT No 423/2012).

The Trust, Chaired by Shaun Edmeston, has been focused on raising funds for many areas of use in the College and designed to ensure that the school we all love so much, could continue to represent everything that it has stood for in the past. The Trust is under the careful guidance and governance of the following independent Trustees:

  • Colin Smith
  • Roy McMurchie
  • Neil Wilson
  • Lee Astfalck

The Trust endeavors to raise funds that will be dispersed either for capital projects, in line with the master plan of the school, or for bursaries for top quality students and children of Alumni, keeping with the internal focus of the Trust.

The Capital Project focus will allow the Alumni to create a legacy of contribution to a school that continues to grow in excellence and with the ongoing support of Alumni, the Trust will ensure that this continues into the future.

Some of the projects which we are focusing on currently, and will require funds for, are:

  1. The Aquatics centre
  2. Grassing and lighting of the new field (adjacent to the One & All Club)
  3. An indoor multi-purpose centre (Hockey, Basketball and Netball).

These facilities will go a long way in improving the sporting results at the school, by providing access to world class facilities at a world class school. These facilities will also be available for the use of the entire school, which makes the impact that much greater. Furthermore, this will also increase our ability to offer a greater range of sporting codes through the Crusaders Brand and improve the facilities available to Alumni.

In terms of bursaries, we have already had a number of very generous donations, which have allowed the school to offer a number of rugby bursaries to date and will continue to do so into the future. Along with this, a bursary has been pledged to the Girls’ College and two more to the Boys’ College. These bursaries allow us to reward top performance, as well as ensure that top performing children whose parents may not be able to afford access to the school, are still given the opportunity to attend a school like ours.

The Trust itself will also focus on ensuring that children of Alumni who have fallen on hard times, continue to attend St Stithians, as these families are part of the history of the College and must be part of the Legacy as well. This is aligned with the OSA’s commitment to assist, where possible, Alumni who have fallen on hard times themselves in whatever way we can.

Finally, with our commitment to creating a better South Africa, the Old Stithian Trust has added the Thandulwazi program to its list of beneficiaries, to add to the success of this amazing initiative that helps to train hundreds of teachers and many more students from surrounding areas, so they may go out and help thousands more.

The only way for the Trust to continue this work is through the kind and generous donations of you, our Alumni. To date there have been many donors to the OSA that have helped build, not one, but two buildings for the OSA.  These donors have been responsible for upgrades to the schools’ facilities and for bursaries. I now ask the rest of you to get involved in whatever way you can, be it just R100 per month. If you look at some of our brother and sister schools, their ability to raise funds for the school through their Alumni has allowed them to build incredible facilities and contract top sporting coaches that have improved their sport and offer bursaries to top performers, some of which have originated from our school.

Become part of the change, part of the future and help us to build St Stithians College into the best school in the country, not just for current pupils, not just for our children, but for all of those children who will one day walk into this school as a nervous child and walk out a proud member of the St Stithians’ community.

As part of the Trust’s ability to collect funds, we have created three channels for donations:

  • Bequests from deceased estates
  • Once-off donations to the Trust
  • The 100 club, which is monthly stop order donations of, but not limited to, R100.     (this must be done by you with your bank)

The Trust will run fully audited financials, available on request, and will hold an AGM once a year as part of the OSA AGM.

As an Alumni, we stand at the point where we have an opportunity to do something great for a school that has given us so much, an opportunity to ensure the sustainability of the College, as well as be a support network for other Alumni and children who may not have had the same opportunities as we had. We also have an opportunity to make a difference in the future of the school, to take it to new heights and truly give to One and All.

Should you wish to make a donation, please feel free to contact me.

The Old Stithian Trust Bank Account details are as follows :

NAME OF ACCOUNT:  Old Stithian Trust

BANK: First National Bank

BRANCH:  Bryanston

BRANCH CODE:  250017

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 623 5931 7312



Please ensure that you inform us of your contribution by completing the Pledge Form on the following page and sending your deposit confirmation to Caitlyn on, alumni@stithian.com so that we can acknowledge your contribution by adding your name to the long list of donors on our Donors’ Board at the Higher Ground.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me at alumni@stithian.com

Kind regards

Israel Skosana


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