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COVID-19 Essential Products

COVID-19 Essential Products Listing

Please note, the listing of these businesses by no means shows the Old Stithian Associations endorsement of the businesses or products. This list has been limited to Alumni owned businesses only.

Denislav Marinov – Amnova – denmarinoff@gmail.com
Daniel Muller – Smirk – www.smirk.co.za
Christain Ashcroft – Absolute Solutions – christian@thejamjar.co.za
Mike Bate – Northern Cleaners – mike@northerncleaners.co.za
Abu Cassim – Fashion House – abu@fashionhouse.co.za
Kyle Henderson – Liquid Salt – kyle@liquidsalt.co.za
Nic Williams – Splashsticks Ltd – nicgrawil@gmail.com
Rowan Leviux – Leeroy Agency – Rowan@leeroy.co.za
Robert Mafuna – Carovision – robertmafuna@icloud.com
Sheldon Francis – Stratton Morgan Pty – sheldon@strattonmorgan.com
Stephen Van Niekerk – PVN Agencies – Stephen@pvnagencies.co.za
Tebogo Mokobo – Pixel Entropy – mokobo@pixelentropy.co.za
Phiwe Ndumo – Siyondla Umphakathi – pz.ndumo@gmail.com
Amki Bomvana – Bomvana Holdings – aabomvana@yahoo.com
Melissa De Araujo – Fluttering Eyelash – melismcc@gmail.com
Russell Harvey – Pearsons Healthcare – health@pearsonspartners.com
Allen Needham – Solasafe – allen@solashayde.co.za
Matthew Townshend – The Bespoke Amenities Company -Towny87@gmail.com
Devon McMahon – Yellow Fish – devonh20@gmail.com

Dick Gunning – Gunning & Son – dick@gunning.co.za
Danielle Carstens – daniellecarstens@gmail.com
Ian McQueen – Silverlab Healthcare – ian@silverlab.co.za
Malcolm Donaldson – P & Q Solutions – malcolm@pqsolutions.co.za
Justin Hawes – Scan Display – justin@scandisplay.co.za
Kirst Jackson – Immersion Capital – kirst.sorted@gmail.com
Mike Ralston – The French Lemon – vanessa@frenchlemon.co.za
Richard Baird – Bio-Logic – info@bio-logic.co.za

Jarryd De Freitas from Quick Clean Group, supplies testing kits, masks, sanitizers, gloves & thermometers etc please contact him on jarryd@purepressure.co.za

Warona Lekalake – waronal@yahoo.com – 073 879 2737 – View Catalogue

Chris Ainge from The Exhibitionist, specialises in Mobile testing units, mobile sanitizing units, foot-operated door openings etc, if you would like more info please contact him on: Chris Ainge production@theexhibitionist.co.za

Luke Tempest from Tempest Fire Solutions offers misting technology that can decontaminate large areas, meetings rooms, school rooms and theatres. Please contact him on lance@tempestfire.co.za

Jason from Goat of Bespoke, offers foot pump hand sanitizers and custom made masks. Contact him on jason@goatofbespoke.com