St Stithians College Admissions Policy

An extract from the schools’ Admissions Policy :

“Our admissions policy is influenced by our intent to foster a ‘community of belonging’ by enrolling siblings and children of alumni, as well as by diversifying the racial and cultural profile of our student body through enrolling targeted numbers of black students.

Applications are ranked using a scoring matrix which allocates points to the three categories of siblings, alumni and transformation.

In addition to being a former student at St Stithians, alumnus points are gained through being a life member of the Old Stithian Association. A Grade 7 leaver who spent a minimum of five years at the Preparatory schools is eligible for points, which are weighted less than the points earned by an alumnus who matriculated from Grade 12 or spent a minimum of eleven years enrolled at the College. Children of second or older generation alumni receive additional points.

In the scoring matrix points are also weighted according to the date of application in relation to the date of birth. The closer the date of application is to the date of birth, the higher the points. This weighting is particularly relevant for admission to Grade R.”

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