Past Reunions


The Class of 1997  had their reunion weekend from 9 – 11 JUNE 2017


The Class of 1991 had their reunion at the OSA Dinner on 16 September 2016



img_5872-640x427Clive Abraham (1956), Merlin De Jager (1960) and Carel Nolte (1991)

The Class of 1976 had their reunion at the OSA Dinner on 16 September 2016


The Class of 1966 had their reunion at the OSA Dinner on 16 September 2016

Chris Honnet, Frank le Roex, Stuart ramsey, Rob Adams, Alisdair Finlay, David Knowles, Brian Atkinson,                Peter Turner, Rob Henderson, Ian Laxton.


Brian Atkinson, Rob Adams, Ian Laxton, Peter Turner, Alisdair Finlay, Frank le Roex.


Class of 1966 attended the Boys’ College Chapel Service and Walkabout of the school on 16 September 2016

David Knowles, Stuart Ramsey, Chris Honnet, Ian Laxton, Frank le Roex, Brian Atkinson, Rob Henderson


The Class of 1956 had their reunion at the OSA Dinner on 16 September 2016


The Girls’ College Class of 2006 had their reunion in September



The OSA Cape Town Reunion took place on 30 July 2016 at the Woodstock Brewery with over 100 Old Stithians atttending.  We hope this event continues to grow!


A reunion in Vancouver took place on 29 June 2016

From Left : David Knowles Boys’ College Head, Barry Fergusson (Headboy 1970), Gavin Ritson (1980), Stephen Mulder (2003), Bruce Rose-Innes (1999), Alex Cruickshanks (2002), Rohan Rupf (1990), David Reimers (1992) Vancouver David Knowles BC Head, Barry Fergusson (Headboy 1970), Gavin Ritson (1980), Stephen Mulder (2003), Bruce Rose-Innes (1999), Alex Cruickshanks (2002), Rohan Rupf (1990), David Reimers (1992)

The Class of 2006 had their reunion the weekend of 25 June 2016

Class of 2006 in 2016

Class of 2006 in June 2016

The Class of 1996 had their reunion on 25 March 201612072787_10154829025508747_8999322804210606745_n

Ten members of the matric class of 1968 and one of 1967 joined John Trollope (1968) at his game farm near Thabazimbi in April.  After finishing varsity John and his younger brother Peter went back to their parents’ cattle farm near Thabazimbi. John and Peter started an earth moving business which contracted to the mines in the area. Trollope Mining Services has just celebrated 40 years in business and has done very well. The cattle farm was eventually converted into a game farm and further farms were  acquired over the years. Various types of game are bred for sale.  A great  weekend of reminiscing, braaiing and game watching was enjoyed by all.

The Old Stithians in the attached photo are: Standing: Trevor Emslie, Graham Royston, Steve Woods, Malcolm Keevy, Bobby  Bertrand and John “Chick” Legh

Seated: Arthur Cronk, John Trollope, Howard Shackleton, Dick Gunning, Pierre le Grange and Peter           Waterson.  Pierre le Grange lives in New Zealand and Howard Shackleton lives in Zambia.

Class of 1967 and 1967 members

Reunions in 2015

Boys’ College Class of 1965 – 18 September 2015


Boys’ College Class of 1970 (45th Reunion) –  13-15 November 2015


IMG_4980 (1280x728)

Boys’ College Class of 1975 – 18 September 2015

Class of 1975

Boys’ College Class of 1980 (35th Reunion) – 18 September 2015

Boys’ College Class of 1985 – 18 September 2015


Boys’ College Class of 1995 – 19-20 June 2015 


Boys’ College Class of 2005 – 10 October 2015

Class of 2005


London Reunion – 16 June 2015



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 Reunions in 2014

                                                Boys College Class of 1964 Reunion  – 27 September 2014

Dave Knowles, Boys College Head, with past teachers, Emil Gryffenberg, Louis Kernick and Tom Bourquin

Dave Knowles, Boys’ College Head, with past  teachers, Emil Gryffenberg, Louis Kernick and Tom Bourquin at the Class of 1964 Reunion

  Class of 1974 1

Boys College Class of 1974 at a Luncheon in September 2014

Back LtoR : Hedley Pougnet, Mike Sidwell, Shorty Dewes, Allen Needham

Front LtoR : Skip Vernede, Rob Brigden, Rob Hallier

OSA Dinner 2014 034

Boys College Class of 1974 at the OSA Dinner

Allen Needham,Mike Barclay, Colin Gray, Chris Brand


Chapel service and Walkabout of the Boys’ College by members of the Class of 1984


 Boys College Class of 1984 Reunion  – OSA Dinner – 19 September 2014

Class of 2004 2nd XV - 2014

Boys College Class of 2004

The photo is of the 2nd XV of 2004 with their coach Mr Dave Knowles, Current Head of the Boys’ College, 5th from left.

GC Class of 2004

Girls College Class of 2004 – 20 September 2014

1994 May 2014 back Niick Evans Gavin Wight Mark Greenfield Peter Wright (Acting Headmaster) Front Craig Lewis Chett Vosloo Sven Schaefer Simon Black Zwai Bala

Boys’ College Class of 1994

Back (LtoR) Nick Evans, Gavin Wight, Mark Greenfiel,d Peter Wright (Acting Headmaster)

Front (LtoR) Craig Lewis, Chett Vosloo, Sven Schaefer, Simon Black, Zwai Bala


New matric 2013 Life Members’ Cocktail Party on 16 January 2014


Bianca Biehler, Christina Botes, Michelle Knowles & Emily Makhlouf20140116_184225

Stephanie de Jong, Meegan Roux, Colin Campher, Darragh Meaker, Mitchell Livingstone, Sam Peddie, Nick Hern, Lebo Latakgomo, Wade Den, Jaison Naidoo, front : Thebi Longwe


Angelique Smith, Mandy Tucker, Nick Panourgias, Justin Suzor, Robin Butler, Megan Leighton, CJ Lazarus, Lara Stockigt, Ryan Schultze, Paolo  Kirsten, Angela Webb, Ceri Scott

Reunions in 2013 

Photo links :

 Class of 2003 Reunion

 Class of 1963 Reunion

 Class of 1973 Reunion

 OSA Annual Dinner

 Old Stithians 1953-1957

1953-1957 (first five years of the College) and past Heads

Picture or Video 019

Picture or Video 026

(LtoR) Past Boys’ Prep Heads :  Owen Roberts, Alan Wyborn, John Lees & Alistair Stewart (Current Head)

Class of 1973

Class of 1973 in 2013 1

Their Reunion took place on 14 September 2013 at the One & All Club

Front LtoR : Rory O Donnel, Allen Needham, Terry Morrison, Gavin Coulson, Mark Henning,

 Back LtoR : Mark Wilkinson, Mike Jury, Mungo Park, Garry Burgess, Mark Webb, Graham Vogel, Paul Roussos,

Mike Victor, Shorts Dewes, Charles Bryant, Iain Dodds, Brian Lipsett

The Class of 1963 had their reunion on 28 September 2013

Picture 022

The Class of 2003 had their reunion on 12 October 2013

2nd team 2003,Kimon Good(capt),Paul Chatfield(vice),Gys Wilson,Graeme Edmond,Jaques Kleynsmith,Murray Burton,David Knowles(Head) & 2nd team coach,Rob Baker,Kyle Stricker,Stephen Schutte

(LtoR) 2nd Team in 2003

Kimon Good (Captain), Paul Chatfield (Vice-Captain), Gys Wilson, Graeme Edmond, Jaques Kleynsmith , Murray Burton, David Knowles (Head) and 2nd Team coach 2003, Rob Baker, Kyle Stricker, Stephen Schutte

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