Upcoming Reunions


OSA ANNUAL DINNER – 15 September 2017, 7pm, One & All Club, alumni@stithian.com


CLASS OF 1957 : Marinus Endenburg Marinuse@icon.co.za

CLASS OF 1967 : Malcolm Keevy Mk@pulseresearch.co.za

CLASS OF 1982 : Mark Heaton Mark.heaton@imaginet.co.za

Class of 1977 : Stephen Beal  stephenbeal@telkomsa.net

CLASS OF 1987  : Grant Robson Grant@thefinanceteam.co.za

CLASS OF 1997  : 9 – 11 JUNE 2017

Boys’ College : John Williams johnw@lightstone.co.za

Girls’ College : Julia Redelinghuys julia.redelinghuys@googlemail.com

Marie Wessels mariewessels@gmail.com

CLASS OF 2007 :

7 July 2017 : Boys’ College : Tinashe Chandauka tbchandauka@gmail.com

30 September 2017 : Girls’ College : Coreen Walstra  coreen.walstra@gmail.com

Anthea Dickson anthea.dickson@za.ey.com


There are so many of you dotted around the States and most have expressed good wishes to get involved and get to meet some of the people you knew in the old country.

We would like to identify an event, maybe a weekend, when it would be attractive for all to come together somewhere and celebrate our heritage.  Our initial thought was perhaps the Las Vegas 7’s, to watch the Blitzbokke in action, but that is in March this year which is too close to realistically organise in time, so if this is the best event, we will start now to target 2017. Another idea was maybe the US open with Old Stithian, Kevin Anderson sure to be playing, so it could also be a possibility, and maybe a better time of year for many?

So I have 2 requests for you.

  1. Please send your updated contact details to lars@greiner.co.za in order for me to put together an USA database, firstly for this reunion, and secondly so that I can sent it back to the Old Stithian Association for their records. (If you are not comfortable with this, just reply back to Susannah alumni@stithian.com and let her know, and we will work around this. I assure you all direction communication is confidential).
  2. Please let me have your thoughts as to what type of event, when and for how long. Also, if you would prefer with or without family, so that we can get some ideas together.

I look forward to hearing from a lot of you, and please pass this e-mail around as much as possible, so we can build a USA OSA that is healthy, robust and assistant to all Saints in the USA.

Thanks and Kind Regards,

Lars Greiner (Class of 1988), Lars@greiner.co.za







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