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Next OSA Club Draw – 28 March 2019- R17,000!
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February 22, 2019


PLEASE NOTE THE NEXT OSA CLUB DRAW for 2019 WILL TAKE PLACE ON Thursday, 28 March 2019 at the One and All Club, Higher Ground Restaurant, with a prize of R17,000. The draw will be done on membership numbers, of which there will be a list to confirm any winners. The draw will take place at 7 pm, and you need to be present in order to win.

The rules for the draw are as follows:

–   10 Membership numbers will be drawn randomly for the full prize value.

–   If a winner is not drawn, a further 5 Membership numbers will be drawn for 50% of the full prize value.

–   Should no winner again be drawn, then another 5 Membership numbers will be drawn for 25% of the full prize value.

–   If a winner is yet again not drawn, then 1 name of the people present will be drawn for the R1,500 Attendance Prize, to ensure a guaranteed win.

February Club Draw Names:
R16 000

Phillip McLean 1984
Furlin Zhane 2007
Bradley Carter 2000
Andrew Carlson 1994
Graham Lephaan 1994
Shannon Richards 2007
Jappe Li 2017
Ryan Jones 1981
Peter Carr 1982
Nicholas VanZyl 1987

R7 500

Michael Leshnick 2014
Katherine Samson 2004
Manyaliso Mfaba 2017
Debra Hutton 2001

R4 000
Hayden Porteous 2010
Callum Trainer 2017
Tsepho Modekane 1986
Daniel Scott 2012
Husni Noosar-Doon 2013

R1500 Attendance Prize Winner:

Amber Hankey