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Old Stithian Association Chair Position 2020
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May 5, 2019

Old Stithian Association Chair Position 2020

It was announced on Saturday 01 June 2019, the current Chair,  Mr Shaun Edmeston, will not be seeking re election in 2020. In order to have a proper handover and ensure continuity, the Committee of the OSA has decided on an open process for nominations to the position of Chair of the OSA. It is the Committee’s opinion that this process,  as outlined below, reflects the principles of good and responsible governance to which the OSA subscribes.

The job specification can be found on the OSA web page and in terms of Clause 9.3.2 of the OSA Constitution, only a person who attended the College as a pupil is eligible to be Chair of the OSA.

The following process will be followed:

1)      An email will be sent to the database that will inform the OSA members of the impending vacancy in the Chairmanship and that applications will open on Monday 03 June 2019 for a period of 60 days and referring them to the OSA web page for more information.

2)      Applications from qualifying persons should be forwarded to the Secretary of the OSA at cloneon@stithian.com

3)      Applications should include;

  1. a brief C.V. of the applicant; and
  2. a short motivation of why the applicant believes that they are suited for the position and how they intend to lead the OSA forward.

4)      After the applications have closed, a sub Committee of 3 existing OSA Committee members will meet to evaluate the applications and make a shortlist of qualified persons who will be invited to an interview.

5)      The interview panel will consist of the same three persons plus a representative from the College.

6)      The interview panel will put forward their preferred applicant for ratification by the full Committee of the OSA.

7)      The successful applicant will be co-opted on the Committee to understudy the current Chair during the remainder of his term of office and an appropriate announcement will be made at this time.

Please see the full spec for the Old Stithian Association Chairperson Position, by clicking here.