OSA AGM 4 June 2016

The OSA AGM took place on 4 June 2016 at the One & All Club, after the Founders’ Day service.

Herewith the Chairman’s Report


Good morning everyone and welcome to this year’s AGM.  I would like to ask if we could bow our heads in prayer.

In Memoriam :

The following Old Stithian Families have lost a loved one since the last OSA AGM in 2015 :

Mbali Mbalati (2006) passed away suddenly on 15 June 2015.

Ingrid and David Wylde (Past Boys’ College Head and St Stithians College Rector) and family on the passing of David’s Mom in July. She was 98 years old.

Castro Ntsebeza (2003) passed away suddenly at the end of August 2015. His brother Samora was Class of 2002.

Castro Ntsebeza (2003), brother of Samora (2002) passed away suddenly at the end of August 2015.

Tinashe Majuru (2009) was doing a Business Administration-Marketing Degree at Algonquin College in Canada when he went swimming with his friends on 3 September 2015 in the Wakefield area and was swept away by the current and drowned.  His brother Mufaro was Class of 2014.

Our sincerest condolences go to Brendon (1995) and Chad Crew (1991) and their families on the passing of their father on 26 September 2015.

The father of Brendon (1995) and Chad Crew (1991) passed away suddenly on 26 September 2015.

Our sincerest condolences go to Adrian (2006) and Niquelle (2009) Maasch and their mother Deone on the passing of their father, Stephen, on 28 September 2015.

Neillen van Kraayenburg (1982) passed away suddenly after a heart attack in October 2015.

Jannes Scheepers (2011) tragically died in a plane crash on 16 October 2015. Jannes was the son of Dr Pieter Scheepers, Dr Antoinette Ackerman and brother to Antoinette Scheepers (2009).

Sister Linda Pires has passed away from complications linked to lung cancer in December 2015. Linda retired at the end of 2014 after 18 years of service to the school,especially in the boarding house and to sport.

Daniel Leech (1996) passed away on 11 December 2015 in a bike crash.

Patrick Vickers (1962) passed away on 30 December 2015.

2016 :

Werner Grosskopf (1980) (his adopted surname was Drury) passed away from a heart attack in January 2016.

Kirsty Webster (2007) passed away suddenly in January 2016.

Ken Botha, the father of Grant (2002), Lisa (1998) White and the late Kevin Botha passed away on 27 January 2016.

Edward Hepher (2008) passed away after battling pancreatic cancer in February 2016. Our sincerest condolences go to his brother Alex (2011), his parents Leslie and Richard and family.

Charles Somlayi (Charlie) passed away from cancer on 16 February 2016. Charles has been in the employ of the OSA since the porta cabin days and received his Honorary membership in 2011.

Tshepo Nkomo (2001) died in a robbery on 28 March 2016.

The mother of Charles (1992) & David (1992) Savage passed away in April 2016

John Boden (1989), brother of Andrew (1987) and Greg (1984) passed away in April 2016.

Neville “Ritchie” Richardson (1961) passed away on 1 May 2016, after a five year battle with mesothelioma (asbestos cancer).

Chris Ritson (1986) sadly passed away on 6 May 2016 in Innsbruck Austria, after contracting meningitis in December last year.

Our sincerest condolences to Charles Post (2000) and Denis Post (2002) and their family and friends on the passing of their father William “Dendy” Post on Sunday 8 May 2016.

Our condolences go to Christian Ashcroft (1998) and Corrin Ashcroft De Sousa (2000) on the passing of their father in May 2016.

Honorary Members :

First Names Surname
Jonathan G Arthur
Ivor A. Michael W. Lewis
Raymond George Bradley
Hugh R Laburn
Mark Henning
M. de Jager
Clifford Byng Jackson
Arnold Pyne-James
David B Wylde
John Ralph
Marshall Jon Walford
Peter J Laburn
Pieter Hendrik Van Tonder
Craig Roy Warriner
Carel A Nolte
Mawethu Charles Somlayi
Lynde Dicks
Margie Mitchell
Michael Trevor Ralston
Allistair Graham
G C Heath
A C G Needham
G K Elmes
S Knowles

SAINTS SUPPORTRS’ CLUB – A Sub-section of the OSA                                            G. Heath

The mandate from the College continues to be for the Supporters’ Club to be provide a fun match day experience for the greater Saints community; encouraging all to participate as spectators and supporters at all events across the campus.

An important component of the Supporters’ Club is to bind all the codes together by promoting the supporters striped clothing across the campus.

As reported in the 2015 setting up a permanent sales location for Supporters’ Club clothing was a priority. I am pleased to report that the Supporters’ Club will be moving into their new premises by the end of June, it is located in the newly renovated ‘old workshop’ area opposite the Girls Prep car park.

As well as this great news the succession of the day to day running and operations of the Supporters’ Club has been secured with the agreement of Eliada Makhlouf and Candice Dawson to be the new Co-Chairs of the club.

I would like to formally congratulate and welcome Candice and Eli and thank them sincerely for taking on the task. I know the club is in very professional and competent hands and look forward to watching it grow from strength to strength.

The Supporters’ Club has also been in discussions with The Rector and The Chairman of the Old Stithian Association around the best and most appropriate place for the Supporters’ Club to be positioned as an entity on the campus. After many discussions and careful consideration it has been decided to move the Supporters’ Club to the Advancement Office within the Rectors Office, therefore it will no longer be a subsection of the OSA.

For my final time I would like to acknowledge all the amazing volunteer parents. I would like to thank “One and All” of the them for generously contributing their time to “man” the food / clothing tables and braais, as well as to the Operations Department (specifically Morgan), who provide logistics on the match days – without this generous contribution of all your time we would not have a “Saints Supporters’ Club” a sincere – Thank You – to you all, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

                                                                                                     Candice Dawson and Eliada Makhlouf

When we took over the running of the Saints Supporter Club, it was suggested that perhaps it was time to refresh the Saints Supporter logo. This was done with the help of a graphic designer and the St Stithians’ Marketing department.

Early this year the factory, which previously produced the Saints Supporter “blue and white” stripe fabric closed down and a new supplier was sourced by our garment manufacturer, Vanree Clothing. Unfortunately the yarn colour, which the new factory, produced was incorrect, this resulted in major delays in the manufacture of the fabric and thus the Saints Supporter garments.

Regrettably this meant that we had very low stock levels of some of the most popular garments at the Easter Sports Festival. We were however able to introduce a few new items (UV sunhat and cushions) which sold well.

We asked Vanree to design a swing tag to attach to each garment. Included on this swing tag is a brief history about the company, as well as the fact that the garments are locally manufactured in a 100% women empowered company, which provides employment to local disadvantaged communities. We will also be creating a poster, containing this information, to display in the Saints Supporter shop.

As part of their 21st Birthday Celebrations, the Girls Prep and Girls College have requested that all their parents and pupils purchase Saints Supporter golf shirts, which are to be worn at some of their birthday celebrations.  These orders are slowly coming in.

Our stock has all now been replenished and we are looking forward to moving into our new premises shortly. The logistics of the day-to-day operation of the Saints Supporter Shop is still to be finalized.

The current Saints Supporters trailer will still be used as a small mobile shop, which can be moved around the campus and possibly even be taken to regattas and equestrian events – in order that supporters clothing is available at all times for purchase.

With the setting up of the shop and our new stock on hand, we are now in a better position to more aggressively promote the Saints Supporters “blue and white” striped clothing to all the sporting and cultural codes across the whole campus.

We envisage doing this by having the following representation:

  • Junior Prep: One representative to liaise between the parents and ourselves
  • Girls’ and Boys’ Prep Schools: Each school to have two representatives (one co-opted by the Sports Director and the other by the Cultural Director), who will represent all the sporting and cultural codes offered by the Prep School, and liaise between the parents and ourselves.
  • Girls’ and Boys’ Colleges: Each sporting/cultural code to have one representative who will liaise between the parents and ourselves

We’d like to thank Gary and Tania Heath for all the work they have put into building the Saints Supporter clothing line and we hope that we will be able to move it to the next level with the same enthusiasm as they started it. We are excited about the opportunity to actively drive the winning Saints culture through the Saint Supporters club.

CRUSADERS SPORT REPORT                                                                                      N. Horsthemke


Football has 170 members and all teams have played a few games and all is going well. All seems to be working out on the Wayne Joubert field.  There is a fields’ usage meeting on the 8 June to discuss a few issues.


There are two teams playing in the Gauteng men’s league, and being represented mainly by school boys and two old boys. The league runs from March till the end of September every year. As yet they have not confirmed a new chairman.

Junior Rugby

36 boys have signed up so far this season and the rugby clinic is going very well, and parents and boys are very happy, in the clinic they are learning speed and agility, fitness and strength just to name a few.


Crusaders hockey is going from strength to strength. Mini hockey has about 240 registered members at present.  Crusaders performed well at the tournaments winning most of their games. U13 girls are particularly strong this year, where they attracted district and provincials players. We are currently leading in both the A and B pools in the U13 girls league with only two games left so we should win the league.

They are building up there committee and always doing some sort of fundraising to raise cash, as there are always challenges.


240 Members.  The latest race that took place was the 91st Comrades Marathon.  The ladies team won the team prize and they got three gold medals.  Carel Nolte and Allan Bader also participated.

The Night Trail run was an absolute hit and raised R10.000 for the club. Further night trail events are scheduled for the rest of the year.


Crusaders have 20 registered divers and are doing absolutely brilliantly. Bailey Davenport, Bailey Heydra and Grace Brammer qualified for the youth nationals CGA squad and Bailey Heydra for the senior nationals squad as well. The Baileys are in grade 7 so under 13 and Grace is in grade 5 so Under 11.  At nationals they competed in B group which is under 15 to put it in context.


Swimming have 60 registered swimmers, but not all swim at Saints.

OPERATIONS REPORT                                                                                                   M. Burger


Roof repaired

All the lights in the car park were fixed.


Deck to be looked at

Projectors to be installed in conference room

EASTER FESTIVAL 2016                                                                                                 S. Edmeston

The Easter festival again proved to be a great success both for the school and the OSA. Once again we handled the logistics of the catering as well as the administration of the hospitality tent and pavilion. As usual, I had an exceptional team headed up by Callum Ford. He and his team ran the hospitality tent with the tenacity and enthusiasm that we have seen over many years and it was a roaring success.  The food side of the tent was handled by Richard Hirst, who once again handled feeding the most difficult customer’s with ease.

It is no small feat to run a tent that serves over 50k beers in a weekend, along with serving food, managing entertainment and security, handling a few challenging individuals and still finding time to have a little fun. I am so grateful for the team I have had this year and every year passed that has made this such a success for us. Even better is to be able to report a R300k profit for the association which will be channeled into doing more at the school, at the higher ground and growing our ability to help alumni.

So to everyone involved thank you.                           

RECTOR’S REPORT                                                                                                         Dr T Nuttall

I am pleased to submit my report for the period since June 2015, touching on themes directly relevant to St Stithians alumni.

Inspiring Excellence. Making a World of Difference

Over the past year, St Stithians College has continued to thrive as a leading South African school. Our College of seven schools consists of a co-educational Junior Preparatory, a Boys’ Preparatory, a Girls’ Preparatory, a Girls’ College, a Boys’ College, Kamoka Bush School, and the Thandulwazi Maths and Science Academy. Our embrace of our Statement of Intent and of Strategy 2025 – officially launched on Founders’ Day 2015 – has given the College a sense of purpose and direction.

There is considerable demand for student places, and we attract a high calibre of teaching staff.
The College offers to its 2 600 students a holistic education, which is academically ambitious and innovative, and seeks to develop well-rounded young people who participate, contribute, lead and serve. There is a strong emphasis on core values, shaped through our identity as a Methodist Church School, our Honour Code, and our commitment to ubuntu, citizenship and transformation of South African society. Through the Round Square organisation, and through affiliation to international education associations, St Stithians has an international reach and engagement with best practice.

New campus leadership roles

In July 2015, Jakes Fredericks began his appointment as the 6th Head of the Boys’ Preparatory and Alistair Stewart became the College’s 1st Head of Advancement. In January 2016, Gayle Harris began her appointment as the 2nd Head of the Junior Preparatory. This year has seen the appointment of Robin van Ginkel as the campus Head of Sport Science and Director of Hockey. One of his mandates is to lead the creation of a sports philosophy at St Stithians, which begins in the Junior Preparatory and ends with the Grade 12’s. Mike Sibanda has been appointed as the campus director of Marimba, as we seek to advance St Stithians as a ‘home of marimba’, a feature of our African identity.

Campus 2053

A number of significant steps have been taken in implementing the campus master plan approved by the College Council during 2015. The Operations Department has moved to a new location in a property on the western border of the upper campus. The Junior Preparatory ‘gateway’ entrance has been created through a major landscaping project to complement the building of Dace Hall. The Boys’ Sports Pavilion has been completed, creating a new focus in the midst of the Oval, Baytopp and Jamieson Fields. The construction of a new classroom building of innovative learning spaces is well underway at the Boys’ Prep, due for completion at the end of the year. The Girls’ Sports Pavilion at the netball and tennis courts has broken ground during May 2016.

The College has appointed a landscape architect firm to advance the master planning of our natural campus spaces, and to develop the concept of a ‘school park’ with a distinctive aesthetic.


The new admissions policy and matrix has been implemented for the second year running with our offer of places to 2017 entrants. I am pleased to report that the new policy has led to a growth of OSA membership as prospective alumnus parents sign up, and that all children of alumni who applied for entrance into Grade R in 2017 have been offered a place. Achieving this is only possible if alumni enroll their children as they are born, and we urge our alumni community to make this a priority.

Alignment and Advancement

The concept of institutional advancement is based on the goal of growing the ‘community of belonging’ at St Stithians. The College has an imperative to grow our relationship with our alumni, and this is one of the core goals of the Advancement Office. I am pleased to report that we have made positive strides in this and I thank Shaun Edmeston, OSA Chair, and the OSA Committee for their support and commitment to growing this relationship and alignment of common objectives.  Our alumni database has been formalised and standardised, creating a much better communications platform. Alumni events are featuring more strongly in the College’s calendar.

The OSA Committee has pledged R1 m each to the Boys’ Sports Pavilion and Girls’ Sports Pavilion projects. This is a magnificent contribution to these important school facilities. In other ways, too, the OSA supports many College initiatives with contributions of funds, expertise and contacts. The positive energy created by these synergies is exciting.

Founders’ Day 2016

This Founders’ Day has a special focus on the 21st Birthday of the girls’ schools of St Stithians, and on the founding of Penryn College – a significant St Stithians initiative – 25 years ago. I look forward to this great annual gathering and thank all alumni who attend and share in our service of thanksgiving and celebration.

OLD STITHIAN LOTTERY                                                                                              S. Edmeston

At this stage it is hard to say exactly where we are with the lottery. As expected it was always going to be a challenge and we are learning along the way. The goal is to build as big a database as possible in this first lottery to set the path for future events.  The potential for the lottery, if we are sold out is in the region of R1.5 million per year. However, if you thought festival was hard, you should try selling lottery tickets.   

DATABASE                                                                                                                          J. Phipps       

Current Status

All communication to Alumni from OSA and St Stithians is being sent from the school Pencil Box Alumni database.  The cut over occurred in February 2016.  The OSA secretary and St Stithians alumni relations officer both have full rights to the database and it is being used and updated daily by both individuals.

All email addresses from the OSA database and other sources for the years from 1953 to 2015 have been imported.  It is comprised of all matriculates from these colleges in the above mentioned years.

The Pencilbox Alumni database is able to show the following information about a past student and a record has been created for every past Matric student.  There are some that are incomplete but most have the following:

  • Name, surname, maiden name and Preferred name
  • Date of attendance at St Stithians
  • Date of birth
  • House
  • City of residence
  • Email and alternative email
  • Cell phone and other phone numbers
  • OSA membership number
  • OSA App password
  • Industry (eg accountancy, medical, lawyer, commerce)
  • Their LinkedIn address
  • Tertiary institution attended
  • Head Boy / Girl or Deputy
  • Dux scholars
  • Comments about the individual

The following information is still being added to the database:

  • Sports played at school
  • Club participation
  • Academic colours and honours
  • Cultural honours and colours
  • Sporting colours
  • National (RSA) colours or other country
  • Awards received

We continue to encourage, whenever possible, for past students to email their updated contact information through to Susannah and I using either the OSA website of the alumni@stithian.com email address.

School Benefits

The database is being used in numerous ways to assist the school.  The following departments have “read only” access to assist them in their day to day tasks:

  • Admissions team
  • Archives
  • Thandulwazi
  • Advancement Director

Girls College Pop Up Museum

The Girls College embarked on a history project for the 21st celebration which has resulted in the Pop Up Museum currently on display in the gymnasium.  The history department requested an export of past GC students and their current professions.  From this list the students selected a past student to research and were given that persons contact details in order to interview them and complete their final project.

March 2016

Girls Prep and College Heads visited New York and the database provided the names of those residing in New York to meet up with the Heads.  Saints Supporters T-shirts, necklaces and ties were handed out.  Memory sticks containing information about the school (Drone video), information about Thandulwazi were also distributed.  A good evening was had by all.

June 2016

Boys College Head is visiting Vancouver and the same memorabilia and memory sticks are being supplied.

The database continues to be expanded and the information is being more widely used throughout the school and Old Stithian Association.

EVENTS/MEMBERSHIP                                                                                                               S. Knowles

Reunions & Events 2015

BC Class of 1965                    –           18 September 2015

BC Class of 1970                    –           13-15 November 2015

BC Class of 1975                    –           18 September 2015

BC Class of 1980                    –           18 September 2015

BC Class of 1985                     –           18 September 2015

BC Class of 1995                     –           19-20 June 2015

BC Class of 2005                    –           10 October 2015

Matric 2015 Breakfast           –           6 June 2015

London Reunion                     –           16 June 2015 hosted by Carel Nolte

Old Stithian Dinner                –           18 September 2015 – largest to date at Club – 178

OSA Golf Day                           –           8 October, Randpark Club

Reunions & Events 2016

Matric Class of 2015 1st Reunion –     13 January 2016

Class of 1956                          –          16 September 2016

Class of 1966                          –         16 September 2016

BC Class of 1976                   –           16 September 2016

BC Class of 1986                    –           30 September and 1 October

BC Class of 1991                     –           16 September 2016

BC Class of 1996                     –           Had their reunion in March 2016

BC & GC Class of 2006         –           Had their reunion on 26 March 2016

BC Class of 2006                    –           25 June 2016

OSA Dinner                            –           16 September 2016

Matric 2016 Breakfast          –           4 June 2016

Vancouver Reunion              –           29 June 2016 – hosted by David & Susannah Knowles

USA Reunion                         –           is in its planning stages

Cape Town Reunion             –          30  July 2016

OSA Golf Day                         –           8 October 2016, Bryanston Country Club


2015                                        –           Total  187 of 259 matrics   =  + 72%

2014                                       –           70.5%


Regular communication about the OSA, alumni and the school is published on the Old Stithian Website www.oldstithian.org, the OSA Facebook page, the Stithians Old Boys and the St Stithians Old Girls Facebook pages, twitter and in the OSA Newsletters.


The following nominations were received no less than 21 days prior to the AGM, as per the OSA Constitution :

Election of OSA Committee

Nominations Received for OSA Committee Members :

Nominated by Shaun Edmeston and seconded by Mike Ralston and Gary Heath :

Stuart McIver

Bruno Fernandes

Braydon Etter

Russell Harvey

Tim Thackwray

Christine Mentz

Israel Skosana

Nominated by Shaun Edmeston and seconded by Tim Thackwray and Braydon Etter :

Mike Ralston

Gary Heath

Nominated by Mike Ralston and seconded by Gary Heath and Tim Thackwray :

Shaun Edmeston

Callum Ford

Election of OSA President               

Nominations received for OSA President :

Nominated by Shaun Edmeston and Seconded by Mike Ralston, Gary Heath and Tim Thackwray :

Piet van Tonder

Honorary Members 

Nominations Received for Honorary Members :

Nominated by Amki Bomvana and Shaun Edmeston and Seconded by Braydon Etter and Tim Thackwray :

Dave Knowles

Shaun Edmeston





Amend clause 4.1 under the heading “THE AIM AND OBJECTIVES OF THE ASSOCIATION” 

to clarify the Association’s aim 

Current Clause :


The aim of the Association is to promote the interests, prosperity and good name of the College whether by financial or other means.

Amendment :


The Aim of the Association is to house the College alumni, alumni related activities and the provision of amenities or facilities for this purpose, in the ultimate interest of and for the prosperity and good name of the College.


Amend clause 4.2.4 under the heading “THE AIM AND OBJECTIVES OF THE

ASSOCIATION” by replacing the current wording with the following 

Current Clause :


The provision of financial or other assistance to necessitous alumni and/or their dependants and such other benevolent purposes in the interests of the alumni as the Committee may in its discretion deem appropriate, such requests to be made to the Committee via the office of the Rector of the College

Amendment :


On request of the Rector of the College and as the Committee may in its discretion deem appropriate provide financial assistance to the College for the funding of school fees or related costs of underprivileged students.


Thank you for all the support and to the committee for all their help and volunteering.

Carel Nolte, for his support as Chair of Council.

Dr Tim Nuttall, the school is heading in good direction.

Heads of Schools, Council and the Council Exec for their support.

All the schools’ PA’s.

OSA Committee members for their tireless volunteering to make this Association what it can be.

Paul Mayers & IT Department.

Julia Phipps – OSA database and sending of mails.

Rene Swart & Operations Department.

Colin Smith and Carmen Forrest – OSA Finances.

Johnny Smith & Bursar’s Department.

Mark Burger & his team.

Gary & Tanya Heath for the running of the Saints Supporters’ Club.

S. Knowles as Secretary of the OSA.

On a personal note, this is officially my last AGM as chairman in terms of my 6 year tenure. It is hard to believe that it has already been 6 years and I cannot express my gratitude to the people who have helped me through this term. Saints and the OSA have been such an important part of my life and my family’s life and my wife and I are so excited to continue this with the admission of our son who is due in October.

That being said, I would never just leave the OSA and with the amendments to the constitution, I will be able to remain as chairman, if the committee sees fit to elect me again. I of course make myself available for the OSA and the school for as long as I am needed.

To say it has been a pleasure is an understatement, and I can only hope that I can continue to do more for the association and the school in years to come.

Thank you.
Shaun Edmeston

Chair, Old Stithian Association

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